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Creamed Corn at the Lunchbox

Apr 24, 2019

It's a three-way! Krystal and Jordan welcome comedian Paul McDaniel to join in Roseanne chats and drop the very sad bomb that Jordan is going to be leaving us after season one, much like the first Becky. Large shoes to fill but Paul's up for it. We discuss "Mall Story", episode 16 of Season 1 of Roseanne and also chat about fitness fads in the 80s, In Living Color, the Golden Girls, and the way dads park and take family photos. It's a long one but it's worth it, Cornballs! 


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Things we chatted about:
Amber Alert:
Suzanne Somers Thighmaster
Mr. Show with Bob and David:
Curly Sue:
Roseanne Season One Bloopers: