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Creamed Corn at the Lunchbox

Apr 24, 2019

It's a three-way! Krystal and Jordan welcome comedian Paul McDaniel to join in Roseanne chats and drop the very sad bomb that Jordan is going to be leaving us after season one, much like the first Becky. Large shoes to fill but Paul's up for it. We discuss "Mall Story", episode 16 of Season 1 of Roseanne and also...

Apr 17, 2019

Such a good ep. Krystal and Jordan discuss episode 15, season 1 of Roseanne, "Nightmare on Oak Street". Krystal's favourite episode so far, and one that may have even helped her growing up. We also talk about watching scary movies too young, periods, haircuts, and we have our most shocking Working Class Food submission...

Apr 10, 2019

Krystal and Jordan chat about episode 14 of Season 1 of Roseanne, "Father's Day". Guest star Ed Beatty plays Dan's dad. We also chat about effed-up parent-child dynamics, why the phrase "work smart not hard" is bullshit, and we have a lovely Working Class Food submission. 

Ned Beatty:

Apr 3, 2019

It's the first sappy genuine heartfelt episode of Roseanne! Krystal and Jordan share, laugh, and learn about Season 1, Episode 13 of Roseanne, "Bridge Over Troubled Sonny". Crystal (from the show) struggles with the loss of her first husband, Sonny. Krystal's real life son is named Sonny so this show is...