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Creamed Corn at the Lunchbox

May 17, 2020

Paul and Krystal are back and this week we're joined by the wonderful Marjolein Robertson all the way from Shetland!


All of 3 of us have a lot to say about 'Confessions' Episode 12 of Roseanne Season 3. We also find time to talk about slow Internet connection during lockdown, tatty patches and Marjolein tells us...

May 7, 2020

We're back, Jack. This week we're discussing "Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?" ep 11 of Season 3 of Roseanne. Gonna be honest - there's not much else to talk about folks, just the same old speculation and reflection on this strange strange world we're in right now. Chill with us, Cornballs. 

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