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Creamed Corn at the Lunchbox

Dec 23, 2020

We wish you a Merry Christmas, Cornballs! Krystal and Paul are still here for you during these challenging times to help you with all your 'Roseanne' needs. This week we discuss Season 4 Episode 3 where Jackie makes a big mistake whilst drunk and Dan invites Leon to his manly poker night. We also briefly discuss the...

Dec 9, 2020

Krystal and Paul are here again discussing Roseanne! This time we discuss Season 4 Episode 2: the one where Roseanne and Dan are busy at the bike shop so put the 2 girls in charge of the household!

We also briefly discuss the Strava app, debate the rap/rock genre and talk about getting ready for Christmas too!


Dec 2, 2020

We've made it to Season 4 of Roseanne. This week we discuss the episode where Becky asks Roseanne about birth control. It's an episode that we both really liked!

We also chat briefly about how to properly chop an onion the whole Christmas thing and changing attitudes to classic music. Stay "cool", Cornballs!

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