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Creamed Corn at the Lunchbox

Jan 22, 2020

Krystal and Paul recap the mostly good Season 2 of Roseanne. We discuss the major character arcs and themes, our favourite one-off characters, favourite lines, best and worst 'overs' and then Krystal and Paul each rank (drumroll please) every episode from worst to best! Also, we ruminate on the 'freedom of failure', Fringe shows vs club sets and comedy with a 'message'. Enjoy our recap, Cornballs!

Our rankings, from Best to Worst! (1 is best, 23 is worst)
1. Little Sister
2. Brain Dead Poet's Society
3. We Gather Together
4. Somebody Stole My Gal
5. Inherit The Wind
6. Guilt by Disassociation
7. Happy Birthday
8. No Talking
9. One For The Road
10. I'm Hungry
11. Fathers and Daughters
12. Boo
13. Chicken Hearts
14. Lobocop
15. Hair
16. House of Grown Ups
17. To Tell The Truth
18. Fender Bender
19. All Of Me
20. Born To Be Wild
21. Five Of A Kind
22. April Fool's Day
23. An Officer and a Gentleman
24. Sweet Dreams
1. Little Sister
2. We Gather Together
3. Somebody Stole My Gal
4. Brain Dead Poet's Society
5. Boo
6. No Talking
7. Inherit The Wind
8. Guilt By Dissasociation
9. I'm Hungry
11. Chicken Hearts
12. Hair
13. To Tell The Truth
14. All Of Me
15. Happy Birthday
16. One For The Road
17. Fathers and Daughters
18. Fender Bender
19. House of Grown Ups
20. Five Of A Kind
21. An Officer and a Gentleman
22. Born To Be Wild
23. April Fool's Day
24. Sweet Dreams

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